I'm kind of a mix of everything I've ever encountered.

I've always wanted a way to share some parts of my brain while I am lucky enough to be alive.

So here's a little part of a person who will live for a short time on Earth, a tiny part of the universe, as part of a species with very short existence to date, and who will probably not do anything too significant, but still matters that little bit.

My blog'll be based on emotions, whatever's on the mind. It'll be slightly profanity laced and as accurately expressive of me as possible.




why is the chow chow paired with a lioness toy

Look at his face.  He’s wondering the same thing.



follow for more. not sure what but there will be more of it.



woah girl are you from france ‘cause


oh my god I found my new favourite pick up line

shit is so real

"   I am afraid to show you who I really am, because if I show you who I really am, you might not like it – and that’s all I’ve got.   "
Sabrina Ward Harrison (via onlinecounsellingcollege)


Zelda Wynn Valdes was the first black female fashion designer to own her own boutique. Her famous, figure hugging silhouette was worn by stars such as Dorothy Dandridge, Josephine Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Joyce Bryant, Maria Cole, Edna Robinson and later superstars like Gladys Knight and opera diva Jessye Norman. She also designed dresses for legendary figures like Marlene Dietrich and Mae West.

Valdes came up with the costume for the Playboy Bunny which remains the same to this day.

good, properly sharpened pencils are really nice

gimme sumthin to love